What Is GeoComply & Why Do Sportsbooks Need It?

GeoComply: Navigating the Boom of US Online Sports Betting

The past few years have seen a huge surge in the popularity of online sports betting in the United States. With New York, Massachusetts, and countless other states coming online, millions of Americans can now sports bet from the comfort of their homes.

The recent surge in online sports betting has been exciting for many, but a key question remains: how can sportsbooks ensure they follow the complicated regulations that vary state by state?

Enter GeoComply, the billion-dollar startup that has become the technology backbone for this thriving industry.

But what exactly is GeoComply, and why is it so essential for sportsbooks? 

Let's dig deeper and understand its importance in navigating the legal maze of online sports betting.

What Is GeoComply?

GeoComply is essentially an internet detective that ensures online sports betting stays fair and legal. Its primary use is geolocation verification, meaning it learns exactly where you are when you're using a sports gambling app or website like FanDuel or DraftKings.

But how does GeoComply do this? There are 3 key ways:

  1. GPS: Like a sat nav, it uses signals from satellites to identify your exact location.
  2. IP address analysis: This checks your internet address, which can offer clues about your general area.
  3. Wi-Fi triangulation: Imagine being in the middle of multiple, overlapping Wi-Fi circles. By analyzing nearby networks, GeoComply can narrow down your location further even better than GPS or IP address analysis.

While GeoComply is leading the charge in the world of online sports betting, its services go beyond gambling. It's also used in industries like financial services, media, and even child protection, where knowing a user's location is crucial for security and compliance reasons.

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Why Do Sportsbooks Need GeoComply and How Do They Use It:

Ensuring Compliance with a Patchwork of Legislation:

Imagine the U.S. as a big puzzle, where each piece (or state) has its own rules for online betting. It's pretty confusing for sportsbooks to keep up with all these different guidelines. That's where GeoComply comes in. It checks where you are using your phone or computer and makes sure you're allowed to place a bet from there. If you're not, it stops the bet from happening, and sometimes prevents you from logging in. This is super important because breaking state rules can lead to big trouble for sportsbooks, like losing a lot of money through fines or even having to shut down in some states.

Here are some examples of places where GeoComply becomes critical for sportsbooks:

  • Tribal Lands: These are areas run by Native American tribes, and they have their own betting rules where sportsbooks often are banned from operating. GeoComply helps enforce those rules.
  • Sports Stadiums: Some places say you can't bet if you're actually at the game. GeoComply makes sure that rule is followed.
  • State Borders: It's tricky if you're right on the edge of a state where betting is okay (Neveda) and one where it's not (Utah). GeoComply checks to make sure you're on the right side before you can bet.
  • VPNs: In states where sports betting is not yet legalized, some users resort to VPNs to modify their location and place bets. However, many sportsbooks employ GeoComply to detect such deceptive practices. When GeoComply identifies VPN usage, the sportsbook may take strict actions like banning the user's account and confiscating any winnings accrued through this fraudulent activity.

In short, GeoComply helps make sure everyone follows the local betting laws, which keeps things fair and keeps the sportsbooks out of trouble.

More Than Just Location: Combating Fraudulent Activity

GeoComply isn't just about checking locations—it's also a superhero against cheating and fraud in online sports betting. Here's how it helps keep things honest:

  • Stopping Bonus Hunters: Some people try to trick sportsbooks by claiming welcome bonuses over and over using different accounts from multiple states. GeoComply catches them by tracking where the user is attempting to bet from and the device they’re using. This makes sure no one games the system to get more bonuses than they should.
  • Fighting Money Laundering: Bad actors sometimes try to use online betting to clean their dirty money. GeoComply steps in by making sure it knows where users are betting from, which helps stop these illegal activities in their tracks.

In simple terms, GeoComply does a lot more than just make sure you're betting from where you're supposed to. It plays a pivotal role in upholding the integrity of the betting industry by protecting against fraudulent activities and cheating.

Conclusion: A Guardian for a Secure and Responsible Future

GeoComply is more than just a location verification tool; it's a critical component in the online sports betting ecosystem. It ensures compliance, fair play, and security, creating a responsible and sustainable environment for both sportsbooks and players. As technology evolves, future advancements in geolocation tools will likely lead to even more precise and secure verification, further enhancing the online sports betting experience.

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