The Top 10 Best Sports Betting Jobs for 2024

Exploring Career Opportunities in the Booming Sports Betting Industry

In today's world where thousands are facing layoffs, the sports betting industry stands as a remarkable exception. Oxford University projects that American sports betting will create about 500,000 jobs by 2028 as more states continue to legalize it. This highlights the industry's role as a major job creator in a challenging employment landscape.

To help you find your next job in this booming industry, here's a list of the top sports betting jobs from our research and my own industry experience.

#1. Software Engineer

Nearly 30% of jobs on WagerPager are in software engineering, reflecting their vital role in sports betting. They help build and maintain complex features like single-game parlays, digital wallets, trading algorithms, and more. Their work is key to ensuring a smooth betting experience and driving the industry's growth and innovation. Click here to see the list of all software engineer roles.

#2. Data Analysts

Data Analysts help improve how sportsbooks understand and serve customers. They analyze data to make services more personal and keep customers coming back. Their work includes setting up dashboards to monitor important business numbers, helping the business work smarter and stay in tune with the latest trends. They are key in making plans and testing new ideas for business growth. Click here to see the list of all data analyst roles.

#3. Risk & Trading

Sportsbook risk and trading teams are essential gatekeepers, securing the platform's financial health and fairness. They manage risk by fine-tuning odds and monitoring betting activity. In live trading, they adjust odds in real time, ensuring fairness and market balance, adding to the excitement of live betting. Together, they boost profitability and maintain a fair marketplace for sports betting. As more companies try to develop accurate models, risk and trading experts are always sought after in the industry. Click here to see the list of all risk and trading roles.

Photo source: Wall Steet Journal: "Traders work at the FanDuel office during Sunday-football events in Jersey City, N.J."

#4. Product Management

Product Managers are key to developing and launching new products in sports betting. They understand the customer's needs and work with teams like engineering, design, and marketing to bring ideas to life. They help to improve products after launch, tracking how they perform, and making decisions based on data. They must balance product quality with technical limitations to ensure they build the right features at the right time. As betting companies continue to grow, talented product managers are becoming more important to continue building innovative products. Click here to see the list of all product management roles.

#5. Marketing

Marketing experts drive customer growth and engagement. They improve how sports betting brands attract and keep customers, optimize marketing channels, and create effective brand strategies. Examples include growth experts that help scale paid user acquisition on Facebook, TikTok, and other paid channels to CRM specialists that move prospective customers throughout the customer lifecycle with emails and promotions. This role is becoming even more important as companies compete to become the preferred sportsbook for bettors. Click here to see the list of all marketing roles.

Photo details: DraftKings billboard in downtown Baltimore.

#6. Content Writers

Sports betting content writers are vital for engaging users. They write informative articles, blogs, and social content covering game insights, strategies, guides, and industry news. Their content educates, encourages bets, and builds brand loyalty. Their skill in simplifying complex data builds trust and informed betting decisions, easing the gap between technicalities and fan passions. Click here to see the list of all content writing roles.

#7. Legal

The Legal, Compliance, and Regulatory team is the backbone of ethical sportsbook operations. They ensure compliance with gambling laws, protect players, and safeguard data privacy. By maintaining regulatory relationships and adapting to new rules, they create a secure and ethical sports gambling ecosystem, benefiting both the company, bettors, and states with legal betting. Click here to see the list of all legal, compliance, and regulatory roles.

#8. Fraud & Payments

Fraud and payment teams safeguard financial integrity. Fraud specialists analyze patterns, mitigate risks, and collaborate for industry-wide prevention. Payment experts ensure smooth transactions, comply with international regulations, and adopt new technologies. Together, they ensure fair bets, protect users, and build trust in the broader industry. Click here to see the list of all fraud and payment roles.

#9. Commercial

Commercial teams in sports betting drive growth through strategic partnerships and market analysis. They are dealmakers, exploring new opportunities and optimizing revenue strategies whether it be with professional sports leagues, retail casinos, and beyond. Their success is based on strategic planning and industry knowledge, which help the sportsbook grow, stay competitive, and differentiate from competitors. Examples of a commercial partnership include FanDuel’s limited-run promotional offer for the Sunday Ticket package with YouTube TV. Click here to see the list of all commercial roles.

Photo details: Screenshot of FanDuel promo with NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube TV

#10. Customer Service

Customer service professionals are crucial for maintaining good user relationships. They're the first point of contact, helping users with questions and issues to ensure a great betting experience. They handle technical problems, provide responsible gambling advice, and offer personalized help, building trust and loyalty. As more people participate in sports betting, customer service specialists are critical to ensure trust and operational efficiency within the industry. Click here to see the list of all customer service roles.