FanDuel Interview Questions & Answers (Employee Verified)

Landing a job at FanDuel is no small feat. As sports betting continues to grow and FanDuel holds its mark as an industry leader, more and more talented folks are trying to join the company.

As a result, getting through their interview process can be tough.

That's where this article comes in handy.

Drawing from my 2 years of working experience at FanDuel, along with insights from my own hiring journey there and extensive research from sites like Glassdoor and Blind, I've put together a list of 20 FanDuel interview questions and verified sample answers to help you prepare better and stand out during your interview.

Whether you're a seasoned pro in the sports betting world or new to the scene, this guide is designed to simplify your interview prep and give you a leg up in the competitive race to join FanDuel.

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First Things to Know

Before your interview at FanDuel, it's smart to learn about their mission and values. Remember these when you answer questions to show you did your research and so you can tailor your interview answers to their principles.

FanDuel's mission is to "Make Every Moment More." They achieve this by creating great games and content that set new standards for service, giving fans what they want without them having to ask.

Photo details: List of FanDuel's core principles from their official website.

Their core principles are:

Everything begins with the customer: They have real money on the line, so we take their fun seriously. Our revenue comes from customer delight - never the other way around.

We are one team: Learning from the past helps us focus on the future. We act on behalf of the entire company not just our own team.

Assume positive intent: Everyone at FanDuel is intelligent and hardworking. Even during disagreements, we remain calm and respectful of our colleagues and their opinions.

Anything is possible: We dream big and pride ourselves on being trailblazers. We benchmark against the best in the world, not just the industry.

Simpler is always better: We break down the seemingly impossible into bite-size challenges. We solve problems through innovation, so our customers don't have to.

Win with integrity: We are relentlessly hungry to win, but we don't sacrifice our integrity. It's the foundation on which our business is built.

We say thank you: We recognize that achieving the highest standards requires relentless intensity from our people, so we always show appreciation of our teammates and partners.

Own the outcome: Influencing results and making the journey sustainable are in our control. Trust is earned by being vocally self-critical and open to continuous improvement.

Stay humble, stay hungry: Learning never stops whether you are a coach or an athlete. Our people are our strength. Learning, development and leadership are our priorities.

Challenge, then commit: Nobody's view is perfect. If you disagree, voice your concerns calmly and respectfully. But once a decision is made, we all commit to delivering the best possible outcome.

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General Intro FanDuel Interview Questions

From my experience, general interview questions are typically done during the first round of interviews with hiring managers. They help FanDuel learn more about your personality, goals, and working style. Here are 10 general interview questions to help you prepare:

  • Can you tell us about yourself and your background?
  • What interests you about working at FanDuel? Why sports betting?
  • What would you describe as your greatest strength and weakness? 
  • How do you stay updated on developments in the sports betting and gaming industry?
  • What do you think sets FanDuel apart from other companies in the industry?
  • What do you see as the biggest challenges facing the sports betting industry today?
  • How do you think your skills and experiences align with the goals of FanDuel?
  • How would your colleagues describe you?
  • What motivates you?
  • What do you like to do outside of work?

FanDuel Experiences and Behavioral Interview Questions

Next, FanDuel will want to know about your work history and what you've done before that connects to the specific job you're applying for. This is usually also done with the initial hiring manager but may occur in the second round of interviews, too. When they ask, it's good to share specific stories. Here are some questions about your experience and background they might ask:

  • Our companies principles are [as mentioned above], can you provide an example of a time you met one of those values?
  • Can you describe a time when you faced a significant challenge at work and how you overcame it?
  • Can you tell me about a time when you had to work closely with multiple different stakeholders?
  • Give an example of a goal you reached and tell me how you achieved it.
  • Describe a situation where you had to deal with a difficult colleague or client. How did you handle it?
  • Can you tell me about a time when you made a mistake? How did you address it?
  • Describe a scenario where you had to juggle multiple important tasks simultaneously. How did you manage your time?
  • Tell me about a time when you had to give someone difficult feedback. How did you approach it?
  • Give an example of how you have motivated others.
  • Describe a time when you went above and beyond the call of duty at work.

These are just some of the behavioral questions I've compiled from my experience and research. We'll be posting more department specific questions soon. So be sure to subscribe with your email to get alerted for when they are out!.

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FanDuel Interview Questions with Sample Answers

Let's go over some FanDuel interview questions and answers to get you ready. These are real questions from my interviews, with my own responses to guide you.

Sample Question #1: What interests you to work at FanDuel?

Why are they asking? This question is key for recruiters to learn your motivation for wanting to work specifically at FanDuel. They're looking for a response that shows you've done your homework on what makes FanDuel unique and that you're not just giving a basic answer that could apply to any company. A specific and thoughtful response indicates genuine interest and suggests you'll be more engaged and committed if hired.

Example Answer: I'm drawn to FanDuel because it stands at the intersection of technology and sports, two areas I'm deeply passionate about. As well, FanDuel is a market leader in an industry that is experiencing exceptional growth and I’d be honored to have the chance to contribute to this growth and innovation. On a personal level, I've seen firsthand how FanDuel's products can transform a casual game into an immersive experience, for instance with new features like single-game parlay and alike. This makes me even more attracted to the product manager role at the company. In all, working at FanDuel isn't just about being at the forefront of the sports betting industry—it's about shaping the future of how fans engage with their favorite sports. That's the kind of impact I'm eager to contribute to.

You can see here that I noted specific, unique aspects of the company. This shows I did my homework prior to the interview. I also noted personal ambitions too of wanting to have a larger impact in two industries I'm interested in: sports and technology.

Sample Question #2: How do you stay up-to-date with industry trends and sports betting news? 

Why are they asking? Interviewers ask this question to gauge your passion and commitment to the sports betting industry. They want to ensure you're proactive about staying informed, which is crucial for adapting to market changes and understanding customer needs. Your answer helps them assess if you're likely to contribute fresh ideas and insights to the team.

Example Answer: I stay in the loop with sports betting trends in a few ways. First, I regularly follow ESPN and Action Network for the latest updates on the sports industry at large. I also keep an eye on LinkedIn, where I follow industry leaders and groups like Gaming America for deeper insights. The Wall Street Journal is my go-to for understanding the financial side of things. Plus, Twitter is very helpful—it's like the pulse of the industry, showing me real-time trends and what people are talking about. It's a great mix that keeps me connected and informed.

Bonus Answer: I actively participate in industry-specific webinars, workshops, and conferences such as SBC Summit and iGaming Events. Through my participation, I stay informed about the latest technologies and have built an active network of professionals who are pioneers in these areas. Furthermore, I believe in continuous learning and often take up relevant courses on platforms like Coursera and Udemy to deepen my understanding of emerging technologies and how they can be implemented in my role. 

This answer is good because it shows I use many different ways to learn about sports betting trends, like reading news on ESPN, following experts on LinkedIn, and keeping up with fast news on Twitter. I also talk about going to special sports events and taking online courses to get even smarter about the topic. This shows they really care about staying updated and are always looking to learn more, making them very involved and knowledgeable about sports betting.

Sample Question #3: Explain how you prioritize tasks when faced with tight deadlines and numerous responsibilities.

Why Are they Asking: Recruiters ask this question to understand your ability to manage workload effectively, especially in fast-paced environments like FanDuel. Your response helps them gauge if you have a structured approach to handling tasks, particularly when under pressure. It shows your organizational skills, ability to assess priorities, and capacity to meet deadlines. This question also reveals your adaptability and resilience in managing multiple responsibilities efficiently, which are essential qualities for success in the role.

Example Answer: When faced with tight deadlines and multiple responsibilities, I prioritize tasks based on their urgency and importance. Urgency is determined by the deadline for each task while importance is gauged by the impact of the task on the project. For instance, a task with an immediate deadline and high impact would be prioritized over one with a later deadline and lower impact.

To stay organized and focused, I use tools like Slack and Asana to visualize my workload and track progress. I also write to write everything down as much as I can so it’s not in my head. Moreover, I break down large tasks into smaller, manageable tasks to improve efficiency. I’ve also developed a habit of dedicating time slots in my calendar to complete certain tasks to meet tight deadlines. It’s also important to communicate effectively with team members and managers about workload and timelines to ensure everyone is aligned.

We hope this article helps guide your interview process at FanDuel. They're on the lookout for talented individuals across various roles, from tech wizards to customer support heroes.

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