14 BetMGM Interview Questions & Answers (Expert Verified)

14 BetMGM Interview Questions & Answers

I've worked at FanDuel for over 2 years now. And from those I've spoken to in the industry, BetMGM is one of the most competitive sports betting companies out there when it comes to hiring.

It makes sense, right? They have the classic brand and a major lead in their casino products.

So, to save you the time and help boost your chances of landing a job there, here are 14 interview questions and answers to help you prepare. These questions are collected through my own 2 years of experience working in the betting industry and verified posts on Glassdoor and Blind.

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#1 Why do you want to work at BetMGM?

Why they’re asking: Hiring managers want to understand why you want to join the company specifically. Do not give a generic, universal answer here. They also want to understand if you’ve done your homework about BetMGM.

Example answer: "I’ve been very impressed by BetMGM’s growth and commitment to offering a best-in-class experience to its sports and casino customers. I've been a huge admirer of your company's brand and legacy, and it's really impressive to see how the company has continued to innovate over the past few years. You all are a market leader, and I'm excited for the chance to join a company that prioritizes innovation and learn from leaders that focus on excellent technology."

#2 How do you stay current with sports betting trends and analytics?

Why they’re asking: Understanding sector trends is important in a fast-paced and data-driven field like sports betting. Hiring managers want to ensure you are proactive about staying informed and actually have an interest in the ecosystem.

Example answer: “I stay informed about industry trends in a few ways. First, Twitter/X has also been a really great way to get a feeling of public sentiment and any immediate breaking news. As for news outlets, sites like Legal Sports Report and BettingNews.com have been key for me to stay in the loop on what is happening in the ecosystem and provide a different perspective than normal social media. Lastly, online betting forums and platforms like Discord are great for more conversation type of learning.

#3: What experience do you have in the gaming/gambling industry?

Why they’re asking: Be strategic here. Recruiters want to assess your relevant experience and how well you understand the industry, ensuring you can hit the ground running if you were to join BetMGM. If you have actual direct experience from a competitor, that's great. If not, talk about how you've used their products before and understand the user experience.

Example answer: “I'm very familiar with the sports betting/gaming industry. I have 2 years of experience working as a product manager at FanDuel where I help build tools for our gaming safety team. Before working at FanDuel, I was also a user of betting products across the gambit including BetMGM. So I have both professional experience working in the industry, but also a deep user understanding by being a customer of your products."

#4 Why should we hire you over other candidates?

Why they’re asking: Depending on the vibe of the interviewer, this question may not get asked. Moreover, this helps the interviewer understand your unique strengths and how you stand out from the competition.

Example answer: “As mentioned before, I have 2 years of product management experience in sports betting, giving me a deep understanding of the industry and how it works. I also have a strong technical foundation. My background in data analysis combined with my enthusiasm for the industry helps me be very effective in finding creative solutions to problems. I'm also regarded for being a strong team player. For example, when my team was rolling out an internal FanDuel gaming safety product, I had to coordinate with 7 other teams to make sure it met their requirements and was rolled out seamlessly. The result yielded praise by relevant stakeholders and company leadership, and ensured our employees safety. Above all, I'm genuinely passionate about BetMGM and the company's mission and brand, making me even more excited and prepared for this opportunity.

#5 How do you handle frustrations in the workplace?

Why they’re asking: Pretty straight forward—they want to know how you manage stress and maintain professionalism, which is important in maintaining a positive work environment. Try to use an example in your answer.

Example answer: “Firstly, if it's a conflict with my coworkers, I try not to take the issue personally. People have their days and I try to depersonalize it as much as possible. I then handle the frustration by first staying calm and focusing on finding solutions. And if it involves another person, I try to use empathy to know where they are coming from. For example, there was a time a stakeholder didn't mention a particular deadline for a product we were rolling out. Instead of freaking out and getting upset at the stakeholder, I asked questions to understand how serious the deadlines were, who requested them, and tried to pushback politely if I felt there was an argument to be made. The stakeholder agreed. This allowed our product to be rolled out in completion, saving a half-baked effort that would've required more tech work later.

#6 Why are you interested in this position specifically?

Why they’re asking: To understand your motivations and what aspects of the job excite you, ensuring alignment with the role.

Example answer: “This position aligns perfectly with my skills in data analysis and my passion for sports betting. I’m particularly excited about the opportunity to work on innovative projects at BetMGM and contribute to its growth and success.”

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#7 What do you want different from your last job?

Why they’re asking: To see if their job can provide what you’re looking for in a new role, ensuring mutual satisfaction.

Example answer: “In my last job, I found while I appreciate the culture and all I've learned, I'm ready for a new opportunity that promises more growth and innovation for myself and the company. I'm looking for a place where I can take on new challenges, develop my skills further, and work in a dynamic and innovative environment like BetMGM.”

#8 What is your experience with sports, casino, or poker gambling?

Why they’re asking: To assess your familiarity with their core business, which can be crucial for understanding customer needs and industry trends.

Example answer: “I’ve been a dedicated sports enthusiast for years, frequently engaging in sports betting and poker. This hands-on experience has deepened my understanding of betting strategies and enhanced my awareness of user experiences within the betting industry. My ability to analyze odds and make informed decisions is well-suited for a dynamic environment like BetMGM. Moreover, my insights into what bettors value in a platform—such as intuitive design and a variety of betting options—prepare me to effectively contribute to your operations. I am eager to bring my expertise and customer-focused approach to help BetMGM continue to innovate and lead in the market."

#9 How do you approach change management across various departments?

Why they’re asking: To understand your ability to manage and implement change effectively, which is important in a dynamic industry.

Example answer: “When approaching change management across departments, I keep an open mind and actively seek insights from colleagues who are more familiar with the changes. I ask questions to understand how these changes affect my work and my team, allowing us to address potential challenges proactively. Clear communication with all stakeholders is essential to ensure smooth transitions and effective adaptation."

#10 Can you give an example of a time when you made an informed decision under pressure?

Why they’re asking: To assess your decision-making skills in high-pressure situations, which are common in fast-paced industries like sports betting.

Example answer: “In a previous role, we had to launch a new feature within a very short timeframe due to a regulatory change. I quickly gathered data, compared it to our roadmap, analyzed the potential risks and benefits, and made an informed decision to proceed. The launch was successful and received positive feedback from users.”

#11 How do you collaborate with cross-functional teams?

Why they’re asking: Collaboration is key in many roles, and they want to see your teamwork skills and ability to work with different departments.

Example answer: “I believe in open communication and regular updates to keep everyone on the same page. In my last job, I worked closely with marketing, product, and engineering teams to deliver cohesive and effective projects. My ability to understand and respect different perspectives has always helped in achieving our common goals.”

#12 What do you know about our company culture?

Why they’re asking: To determine if you’ve researched their culture and if you’ll fit in well with their work environment.

Example answer: “From my research and talking to employees, it’s clear BetMGM has cultivated a culture of openness, smart risk-taking, and accountability. You want innovative solutions instead of business as usual. I also appreciate your investments in ongoing learning through mechanisms like your BetMGM Academy and emphasis on internal mobility.”

#13. Describe a time when you had to learn something new quickly.

Why they’re asking: To assess your ability to adapt and learn quickly, which is essential in a rapidly evolving industry.

Example answer: “In my previous role at a startup, I was asked to quickly learn about the global cycling market for a product line we were exploring. I first planned my research and found expert-cited articles to understand the industry dynamics, competitors, trends, and see any market gaps. YouTube was also a major help too. I also went to cycling stores too to speak with the employees and customer there and try on the products. I dedicated multiple hours to this self-study process, and by the end of the week was confident I was able to speak about the industry to our leadership team and explore what product we should launch. We eventually were successful, launching a few cycling products that became a staple for our sport portfolio.

#14. How do you prioritize tasks when you have multiple deadlines?

Why they’re asking: To evaluate your time management and organizational skills, ensuring you can handle a busy workload effectively.

Example answer: “I prioritize tasks by assessing their urgency and impact on the project goals. I use tools like project management software to keep track of deadlines and allocate time accordingly. For instance, when working on multiple projects, I break them down into smaller tasks and tackle the most critical ones first, ensuring timely and efficient completion.”